Can Mac get infected with Viruses? Norton setup with product key

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Many users questioned that if Apple products can get affected with viruses? The short answer is Yes. Apple devices get infected with viruses and malware just like PCs but MacBooks, iMacs, and iPhones do not be a frequent target like Windows devices. However, to get protected against viruses download This will help you to scan and remove threats from your Mac system.

Types of Viruses on Mac

1.       Trojan horses

Trojan horses are common to Mac. It is a malicious code that looks legitimate but can take control of your computer as it is designed to damage, steal, or inflict some harmful action on your data.

2.       Adware

Adware is an unwanted program that affects users with frequent advertising pop-ups. These pop-ups lead users to malicious websites that deliver data-stealing spyware on their Macs. It also sends information to a third-party server that can be used to commit crimes like identity theft, fraud, etc.

3.        Macro viruses

When a user opens an infected file the macro viruses enabled which tries to run a code and perform certain functions like taking screenshots or get access to webcams. Macro viruses can corrupt your data, send files, format hard drives, and among other things.

4.       Ransomware

Ransomware asks users to pay a fee to unlock their Macs or specific files to reclaim personal data. If users do not pay the fee they can lose the data forever.

However, some software and hardware vulnerabilities can also affect Mac as it allowed programs to steal data like emails, personal documents, photos, and instant messages which were currently being processed on the computers’ chip which were vulnerable until the correct software patches were installed on Mac. That’s why we recommend you to install Norton Setup which will block the viruses and other threats that’s tries to get access to your Mac system. Although, if you have any problem related to antivirus or Mac system then you can send us your query at our Email address, we will try to resolve the issue through the best possible solutions in a short span of time.

Editorial Note: Our articles only provide educational information for your Norton.Com/ Setup with Product key protect against every type of fraud or threat. Our aim is only to increase awareness of cyber safety Norton.Com/Setup Guide so, make sure that you have gone through the Terms during enrollment or setup. Be careful as no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, and Life Lock does not monitor for any transactions at all businesses.

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