How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home?

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Norton Setup with Product Key
Norton Setup with Product Key

Today, most of the users are using Wi-Fi in their homes to access the internet. But, it can be frustrating when the signal is weak or you are not getting proper internet. It is easy to blame your router for dropouts and slow internet speed, but this also depends on which model you won and other factors. Here, you will get some of the best tips that can improve the signal of your Wi-Fi.

·         Perfect Location:

The wavelength of the Wi-Fi is much shorter in comparison to radio and mobile data, so the routers can probably manage about 150 feet, but radio can manage several miles. Many routers transmit downwards or horizontally in spite of transmitting upwards, so don’t place the router on the floor as it won’t work well with the waves. Other electronic devices can also affect the signal, so keep the router away from them.

When you use free Wi-Fi outside your home, then in such a case, the biggest challenge is to keep your data safe from stolen. The best way to secure your information in public is a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The Norton Secure VPN offers a secure tunnel for the information you send or receive from different devices while connected to free Wi-Fi.

·         Update your Router:

The large-scale malware attacks can destroy your important data and steal bandwidth and spread itself across the network to other devices. But the router has updated then the chances of attacks decreases. So, it is necessary to install the latest firmware. If it takes a long time in updating or router do not respond then give it a few more minutes.

·         Reset your router:

It sounds simple, but resetting the router can increase the speed of your internet. All you need is to reboot your Wi-Fi which can resolve slow internet problems and boost the speeds.

·         Get a Wi-Fi Extender:

If you find your Wi-Fi signal weak, then buy a Wi-Fi Extender that will boost up the signal. It will increase the speed of your Wi-Fi signal after amplifying it and then send it out again from a different location.

Editorial note: Our articles only provide educational information for you. Norton .Com/Setup  LifeLock offerings may not protect against every type of fraud or threat as we write about. Our aim is only to increase awareness of cyber safety Norton Setup with product key. So, make sure that you have gone through the Terms during enrollment or setup. Be careful as no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, and LifeLock does not monitor for any transactions at all businesses.

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