How to Resolve the Missing Dock icon issue on Mac System?

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Many Mac users face the issue of files misplacing on the Dock, if you are one of them then don’t worry. Follow the mentioned steps to fix the issue. This is one of the common issues for the Mac operating system. Professionals can assist you in solving the problem through an effective range of solutions. Our team of experts has suggested some steps to resolve the problem, but before following the steps we recommend you to install Norton.Com/Setup Antivirus Protection to secure your Mac device from the attacks of viruses.

Method 1:  Drag and drop

·         Launch the Finder on a Mac device and go to the Applications folder.

·         Click on it. Here, you can get each of the application that is installed on a Mac device.

·         Now, find out the Lost Dock icon.

·         When you find it, perform a long press on the icon and drag it to the dock.

·         Hold the icon until the symbol on the Dock shifts from one area.

·         Select the place where you want to have the lost icon.

·         Drop the icon wherever you want. It has been restored.

In case, you are unable to find the lost icon in the apps, then follow the instructions given below:

Method 1:

·         Visit the Finder of the Mac operating system and press the user folder.

·         Drag it to the right-hand part of the Dock and drop it.

If you have the latest Mac operating system then follow the given below steps.

·         Visit the Finder and drop-down the Go Menu.

·         Now, click on Home and find the folder that you want to restore.

·         Drag and drop it in the right-hand part.

Method 2: Dock the symbol when you use it

·         Find out the program that is missing from the Dock and Run it.

·         Press and hold on the right-hand part of the Dock.

·         Move it to the left-hand part of the Dock.

Method 3: Through keyboard shortcuts

·         Visit the Finder and select the folder that you want to move to the Dock.

·         Now, press Ctrl+ Shift+ Command+ T on the keyboard.

We hope that the given steps resolve your problem Related to Norton.Com/Setup with Product Key, however, if you still have any query then email your issue at our Email address. We will try to solve the problem in the least possible time.

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