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According to Statista, Facebook Messenger has approx. 2.45 billion of active users as of 2019, and which are constantly increasing. It is one of the biggest social networking apps that offer a wide range of features. Today, everybody knows about its basic function but there are many things that user don’t even know what they can do on Facebook Messenger. So, there are some of the simple and easy tips that the user should try on Facebook Messenger.

·         Video and Voice Calls

Facebook allows users to create audio and video calls. All you need is to go to a chat window where you can initiate a call with the call buttons available on the screen.

·         You can Share Your Location 

If you want to tell about your current location so that you can meet your friend on a particular point, then you can share your current location to our friend through the Facebook app. To share your accurate location with your trustworthy friends, you need to follow the mentioned instructions:

Ø  Firstly, you need to open Facebook on your Smartphone and navigate to personal chat with whom you want to share your location.

Ø  Tap the three dots and select on Location.

Ø  The location has been sent to your friend.

Ø  Facebook also gives you the facility to delete the Location if you are a privacy concern.

·         Boarding Pass

Many Airline companies give alerts, updates, and other important information on Facebook Messenger. When you pass from the Airport or nearby location, then you can use Facebook Messenger as the boarding pass for your flight.

·         Transfer Money

If you want to share the bill or want to transfer money to your friend then you can use the Facebook app to transfer money within the app. To transfer money to your friend on Facebook then you need to follow the given instructions:

Ø  Open the Facebook Messenger app and press the three dots.

Ø  Now select the Payment option.

Ø  If you are using the Payment feature first time on the Facebook messenger, then you will ask to enter the details of your debit card.

·         Features to change names     

If you want to write the nickname of your Facebook friends, then you can use this feature to save their names as per your desire.

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