What is Biometric and how it is used for?

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Biometrics is the tool that is used to measure physical characteristics like fingerprints and eyes or behavioral characteristics of a person to verify their identity. As an emerging technology, biometric add great convenience by replacing passwords and help in law enforcement to catch criminals. You might use technology every day in order to communicate with a personal device, but there are plenty of other uses. The biometric data must be unique, permanent and collectible. But, you need to careful with your biometric data as it can be stolen or destroyed through malware, so in order to keep them download Norton Setup it will secure your biometric data from the attacks of different threats.

Different Types of Biometric Data

·         Fingerprint scanner: It captures the unique pattern of ridges and valleys on a finger. Today, almost every smartphone and some laptops use this technology to unlock a screen.

·         Face recognition: It measures the unique patterns of a person’s face by analyzing the facial contours that will not only use in security and law enforcement but also as a way to authenticate identity.

·         Voice recognition: It measures the unique sound waves of a person’s voice as the person speaks to a device.

·         Eye recognition:  It identifies the unique patterns of a person’s iris, especially the colorful area of the eye surrounded the pupil.

·         Behavior characteristics: This feature analyzes the way the person interacts with a computerized system like handwriting, the way you walk, the way you use a mouse and other movements to check how familiar you are with the information you’re entering.

·         Hand geometry:  It records the length, width, thickness and surface area of a person’s hand.

Elements of Biometric System

A biometric system is consists of three elements:

·         Computer: It is used to store the biometric information so that you can get access whenever required.

·         Sensor: It records the information of the user and reads it when the user biometric information needs to be recognized.

·         Software: It basically connects the computer hardware to the sensor.

How did biometrics work?

Whenever the user puts his fingerprint into a device, the biometric machines record the biometric information. After that, the information gets stored, to be accessed later for comparison with “live” information. Through this technology, another person if try to put their finger on your device’s touch circle and it’s highly unlikely to open your phone. However, give complete security to your device through Norton.com/Setup so that your data will always be secured from attacks of viruses.

Editorial Note: Our articles only provide educational information for your Norton Setup with Product key protect against every type of fraud or threat. Our aim is only to increase awareness of cyber safety Norton.Com/Setup so, make sure that you have gone through the Terms during enrollment or setup. Be careful as no one can prevent all identity theft or cybercrime, and Life Lock does not monitor for any transactions at all businesses.

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