Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy recommends the user to get the complete value of their product while getting services for the same. We are strongly committed to protecting the privacy of the site’s visitors as well as personal information for the following responsible information handling practices and keeping privacy laws. We compiled to get better service for those who concerned while providing Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is being used online for the customers. It is prescribed that the law and information for security give the complete information to identify the contact, identity, location, or other identifying information that handled on the website for using them accordingly.

What Personal Information we Need and Collect through our Customers?

While registering the product and their services through our site, we maintain and prepare an appropriate detail in our site where the user may need to submit the information. It may ask to enter your name, email address, phone number, product information or any other details to help the customers for their better future.

When we collect the Information?

We collect the information when there is fill-up the form, or using Live Chat, or enter other related information to recover the issues form the system site.

How We Use Your Information?

We may keep the information collected from your while registering the Norton Product, make the purchase of it, sign up a newsletter, responding to the survey or market communication, surf the website, and other related features that essentially required in the following ways:

  1. To personalize the experience that gives complete product description to deliver the product in which you most interested while serving them.
  2. We improve to better serve our customers in a better way through our website.
  3. To allow the customer service requests completely responding in a better way.

How We Protect the Information?

  1. We do not prefer to serve it for vulnerability scanning or in any other way scanning to PCI standards.
  2. We keep our articles and information completely recovered and never asks for credit card numbers.
  3. We prefer regular Malware Scanning.
  4. We do not use an SSL certificate.
  5. Even we do not use SSL because we do not ask for credit card and their information.

Do we Prefer Cookies?

Cookies are one of the small text notifications containing a string of characters. It place to safeguard while ensuring the information contained that uniquely identified with the browser you use. You have the option to choose the computer that warns you each time with the notification and better site experiences. We may prefer the third-party services to browse and track this information on our behalf being sent, or you can choose to turn off the entire cookies track them.

Relevant Information

We prefer to overview the policies and procedures to remain the current changing with amended laws in order to process them. Contacting us for more information and get complete solutions with relevant easy to recover them in-hand. If there are any questions regarding the privacy terms, then you may contact us by using the following information mentioned as below.

Contact with Us

If you have any query or question about this privacy policy, then contact us by visit our website or the email address.